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Staying Motivated as Mobile Online Worker



I love reading Web Worker Daily. Being a web developer who spends a lot of time online, works from the office, from home, the library, wherever, I find their articles very appropriate for me. Most of their stuff is highly applicable for the mobile worker, too. Take a good look at this article entitled, Web Worker 101: Staying Motivated, as an example.

For many people, web work can be a very isolating experience. Without the presence of coworkers on all sides, it can be easy to lose your focus on work. While some people find this sort of freedom exhilarating (and others find the potential presence of the wolf at the door more than enough reason to work every waking hour no matter what their environment), it can be tough for the new web worker to actually get their work done. With no peer pressure, no boss, and no structure, how do you stay on task?

Here is a snippet of some of the tips, but you need to checkout the article for the exhaustive list:

  • End the isolation – look at the library or the local coffeeshop
  • Be a part of the Virtual Office: Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, etc
  • Use Timeboxing to substitute for motivation: – I really like this one and use this one a lot.


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