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Galaxy S4

Stealthy Wireless Charger Slips Inside Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 & Note 2



The official Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit adds bulk and costs $90, but users who want to add wireless charging to the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 can do so for half that without adding a new back to the phone.

A new collection of Qi wireless chargers are on the market that connect directly to the small studs on the back of these smartphones without the need to put a new back on the device.

This is a third-party wireless charging kit, but it is Qi compatible so it should work with most Qi wireless chargers, like the one for the Nexus 4.

Unlike the official Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger this one is small enough that it can slide into the existing case so there is no added bulk, and the manufacturer claims it will work through soft and hard cases, something we’ve found possible with other Qi chargers. The ability to still use a case is a big bonus, as the official charger means there is no way to use the S-View Flip Cover or the many other Samsung Galaxy S4 cases.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger that is slim and affordable.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger that is slim and affordable.

The MonsterWatts Qi wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 is a small Qi charger that connects to two small openings on the back of the device, and is slim enough to fit inside the existing back case for each of these phones. Unlike the official wireless charger for the Galaxy S4, this retails for about $50 with everything you need.

Samsung did not release the Galaxy S3 wireless charger or Galaxy Note 2 wireless charger in the U.S., so this may be the best option for users looking to use wireless charging with these popular devices.

The unfortunate part about this wireless charger solution is that it is backordered by several weeks. Users looking for a faster solution, who are willing to buy a Qi wireless charger separately, can buy the small Samsung Galaxy S4 Qi attachment for $27 through Newegg or as low as $17 on Amazon.

Galaxy S3 wireless chargerGalaxy Note 2 Wireless Charger

These options on Amazon and Newegg are only for the Galaxy S4, but similar solutions are available for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy note 2. Amazon offers a Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless Qi charger receiver for $13 with Amazon Prime shipping. A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wireless charging receiver tag is available for $13 with Amazon Prime shipping.

We’ve already ordered the Galaxy S4 wireless charger from Newegg and the Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless charger tag from Amazon to test out, and will soon share how these small wireless chargers work.



  1. NLasher

    06/19/2013 at 8:22 am

    Will it work for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2?

    • Ben

      07/01/2013 at 6:15 am

      I think no. We don’t has be the necessary pins to attach it to.

  2. Jonathan Rodriguez

    06/20/2013 at 10:26 am

    Does this work for Verizon galaxy note 2?And if it does will it work with my extended battery?

  3. Precious Williams

    06/22/2013 at 1:10 pm

    I have a galaxy note 2 and I purchased the Quantum Energy Battery Case by Mybat Mobile Accessories. It looks just like the flip case by Samsung, just it has an extended battery pack on it. It cost me about $55.00 with shipping.

  4. SMidgley

    06/24/2013 at 6:53 am

    If it is smaller than the official Samsung product, I wonder how it compares in terms of charge rate.

  5. NachoKingP

    06/27/2013 at 3:06 am

    This does NOT work on the Verizon Galaxy Note 2….natively. If you’re comfortable with a soldering iron and a screwdriver (and don’t mind a little risk), you can fix it with some copper tape. Youtube has instructions. DM or email me if you want details.

  6. Amanda Marie Tietsort

    06/27/2013 at 8:05 pm

    would i still be able to use a regular charger as well?

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