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Steeri is The Driverless Car We All Think Might Happen



It’s a very cold weekend in most parts of the U.S. so perhaps a little satirical humor will offer some warmth. Even better, the target of the satire is a favorite for many, and that’s Apple’s Siri. Well, actually it isn’t Siri. It’s Steeri.

The very funny folks at the Smart Department have produced a quite humorous look at what Apple’s promised iOS in the Car might look like if it was run by Siri. It’s called Steeri. It takes over and takes you of a ride you don’t expect. Or does it? I think the satire works so well because it plays right into what many think might be the case with cars that drive automatically or controlled by voice, or essentially driven by any input other than what we do today. Over the top? Then you haven’t been using Siri much lately. To be fair, Siri has improved quite a bit. But, could it ever improve this much? That’s why this is called satire.

If you’re driving in the cold winter weather this weekend, keep in mind that there are brighter and warmer days ahead. Let’s just hope they don’t look and sound like this.


1 Comment

1 Comment

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