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Steve Ballmer on Vista, Windows Mobile



Steve BallmerCNet News has posted three good videos and a transcribed interview all with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. Each video runs about 5 minutes. In them, Ballmer describes his views on Vista, Windows Mobile, and the competition Windows Mobile is receiving from the iPhone.

Video: Ballmer: ‘Vista is great for consumers’

Video: Microsoft CEO talks Windows Mobile

Video: Steve Ballmer on the iPhone

Interview: Ballmer: Calling on mobile


So multitouch is something you can imagine seeing on mobile devices?
Ballmer: Multitouch is yet another issue. But I think the most important thing…I would say Apple has done a nice piece of work in the ability to gesture and have it mean something.

What about full Web browsing? I mean, that seems to be the one feature of the iPhone that would also benefit business users.
Ballmer: It sure would.

And interesting mix of agreement and non-statement. Yes, it would be interesting to have multitouch on other devices, like Tablet PCs!, but this is a pretty non-committal response. I was interested that he said that Apples has made the ability to gesture "mean something." I would think that the ability to make meaningful gestures has been around on Tablet PCs for several years now.

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