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Steve Seto Unboxes the HP tx2051 Entertainment Computer



Steve Seto has received a review unit of the HP tx2051 Entertainment Computer, (yeah, it is a Tablet PC, more on that later) and sent along some unboxing photos for us to share. I’m due to get a review unit in myself tomorrow and hope to find some time before I head out the MVP Summit to offer up some first impressions as well. Steve also promises another of his excellent user reviews as well. In the meantime, enjoy some of Steve’s unboxing photos of the HP tx2051 Entertainment Computer. (yeah, it is a Tablet PC.) Thanks, Steve!



The HP TX2000 / TX2051 arrived in a box of typical size.


The box contained the tablet in a pair of foam holders and a box of accessories.

The accessory box was full!

Here are the accessories laid out.  From top left, the items are: Small microfiber cleaning cloth, 3-prong AC cord and AC power adapter, larger battery (top) and regular battery (lower) and box with documentation and media.  From lower left: Filler for optical drive bay, earbuds, pen (top), ExpressCard-sized remote control (lower) and pen lanyard (also lower).

Close-up of the pen, with nibs and nib puller, the remote control and the pen lanyard.  The pen is bigger than a “stick” pen, but not as big as the TC1100 pen, a personal favorite of mine.
The tablet came with two batteries, an extended battery (top) and a regular battery (below).  More on these as I get acquainted with them.
The TX2000 comes with a lot of documentation!  The recovery media is apparently preloaded on the HD (again, more later).
A close-up of the drive bay filler (for when the drive is removed).
Closer view of the pen.

The TX2000 / TX2051 itself.  Note that there is a protective film over the top which results in the uneven look! 

Once the film is removed, the “applique” print on the outer surface of the display is revealed…
The bottom surface of the TX2000 is much more “sculpted” than I would have expected.  It is comfortable resting on your arm, though…
The TX2000 opened.  I’m not sure I like the black screen with silver keyboard.  Maybe it will grow on me…
Close-up of the keyboard,  Notice the shaped keycaps and the unusual HP touchpad (which works great).  The stickers make clear what’s under the hood!
Ominous boot-up message!  Is this bloatware in the making…?!??  Nope; it turned out to be Office (but there was a bit of bloatware installed)…
Another look at the screen, which has a ton of buttons arranged around its perimeter; easily the most buttons I’ve ever seen.  More about this , too, later…




















































































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