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Steve Seto’s Review of TabletKiosk i440D Tablet PC



Saharai440dNew Tablet PC MVP Steve Seto has been busy. He’s gotten his hands on TabletKiosk’s i440D slate Tablet PC (courtesy of Allegiance Technology Partners) and published a review both on Tablet PC Buzz and here in the GBM Forums. Here’s an excerpt with his high points:

 The i440D exhibits many strong points in its design:>


  • A clean and trim form factor, easy to carry and cradle for use;<
  • A bright, easy-to-use dual-mode screen;
  • A fast and powerful CPU and system architecture;
  • A “bloat-less” software load (so refreshing!);
  • Easy accessibility for wireless, RAM and HD upgrades;
  • At a very decent price, and…
  • The stand!

Check out the full review here.>




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