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Stimulus Package Now Rolling Out to Grand Theft Auto 5 Users



Many Grand Theft Auto 5 users will find that their Grand Theft Auto Online characters have a bit more money than when they last logged out of the game. That’s because the games developer, Rockstar Games, has started rolling out the Stimulus Package reward it announced in early October.

A blog post on the developer’s website confirmed that users can expect a $500,000 in-game cash to deposit to their characters bank accounts today. Although Rockstar is beginning to deposit the money to user’s accounts today, it says that it could take up to 48 hours for them to wrap up deployment of the Stimulus Package.

Unfortunately all Grand Theft Auto Online players aren’t eligible to receive the funds. Rockstar Games says that only users who played the game this past October can expect to see a deposit. The Stimulus Package was originally conceived as a way to thank players for sticking with Grand Theft Auto Online during its rather rocky launch.

Some users reported gameplay that appeared to loop instead of letting their character progress forward, and the users who could progress forward sometimes found that the game lost their progress. Rockstar confirmed that it would only begin deploying the Stimulus Package and new downloadable content after it resolved the issues with progress loss.


That means users could be just days away from the Beach Hum update and new Social Club events that Rockstar announced users would receive as a free updates that allow them to create their own content and add a new beach area to the game. The new Social Club events will gift users different rewards for completing tasks chosen by Rockstar.

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The Beach Hum DLC will also add new races and a few death matches to the long list of things that users can do outside of the game’s story mode.

Grand Theft Auto 5 now holds 7 world records for selling the most units in a 24 hour period and more. Gamers can use in-game cash to buy weapons, hangouts, homes and vehicles. 

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