How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8.1
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How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8.1



It seems like Microsoft learned a lot about what worked with Windows Phone and improved on it before in Windows 8. The operating system features customization options abound, and persistent options for sharing photos and connecting with devices are something that even Windows Phone 8 users are pining for. Sadly, one of the things Microsoft managed to repeat from Windows Phone to Windows 8 is annoying one-time notifications.

Thankfully, Windows 8.1 allows users to tackle notifications head on. Here’s how to disable notifications in Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 is a free update coming to Windows 8 users beginning October 18th. If you have Windows 8 now, you’ll need to head to the Windows Store to update your device to get it.

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Go to the Start Screen.

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (1)

Place your mouse cursor in the top—right corner of your display to open the Charms bar. Touch screen users should swipe their finger from the right edge of their screen to the left.

You can also open the Settings app by clicking on the Settings live tile on your Start Screen.

Click or tap on the Settings charm. It’s represented by white cog icon at the bottom.


How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (2)

Click or tap Changing PC settings at the bottom of the settings bar. This will open up the settings app.

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (3)

Click or tap Search and Apps from the menu on the left side of your screen. It’s located the fourth menu option from the top of your screen.

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (4)

Click Notifications from the menu.

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (5)

From here you can turn off all notifications for your Windows device. You can also turn off notifications for each application if you find that only a few applications are bothering you. There’s also an option to automatically disable all notifications at specific times. This is useful if you would like to remain out of touch during certain hours.

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (7)

It’s important to remember that notifications are useful — especially with instant messaging apps downloaded from the Windows Store. If you’re only finding specific notifications troublesome it is better to disable that specific app’s notifications than all notifications.




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  2. sparhauoc

    12/08/2014 at 7:05 am

    Thank you. The notifications are annoying enough, but there seems to be a bug as well – whenever I’m playing music when one of these notifications pops up, the speakers buzz.

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