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Stop With The Glossy, Ok?



MeRob’s away with his kids on a camping trip this weekend, and I’m guessing when he gets back he’ll discover that he’s received one of the evaluation units of Lenovo’s IdeaPad U110, seeing that the tech blogging world seems to be unboxing and giving first looks at the new device from Lenovo. (See jkOnTheRun and Engadget to name two.) From what I’ve seen so far in terms of early reports around the web, it appears a distrubing (at least for me) trend is continuing. That trend is to make glossy screens and glossy cases ubiquitous, it seems. Apparently even the keys on the IdeaPad are glossy. I’m anxious to hear Rob’s reports about this.

Ok, folks, gloss belongs on lips not on computers, OK? I’m sure some like glossy screens. I don’t. I don’t like glossy cases either. The HP tx2051 I’m evaluating has a glosssy screen that reflects so much I can comb my hair in the reflection. The case, while not quite what I would call glossy, is a fingerprint and smudge magnet. So, it seems, is the fate of the IdeaPad U110, from what I’m reading.

What the heck is this move towards glossy everything? Is there some marketing survey out there that says customers want messy cases and unreadable screens? 

Stop with the glossy. Now.

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