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Storage Relief for Serious Xbox One Gamers Coming Soon



Microsoft has not only once again confirmed that it has plans to make external storage options available to buyers of its Xbox One entertainment console, it’s also finally providing users with an actual timetable for the feature’s release.

According to a Reddit comment posted by Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, Xbox One owners can expect external storage options to arrive on the console “soon.” That’s still vague, but it’s a lot better than the timetable the company had previously been providing users with. Microsoft had only been willing to confirm that it had plans to deliver external storage, it’d never said exactly win.

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That external storage support is arriving soon is great for Xbox One owners who’ve downloaded a lot of digital video games through the new Xbox Store. Xbox One games tend to take up between 10GB to 30GB of storage. For example, Titanfall, a recently released flagship game on the console, takes up 16GB of storage. Each Xbox One is only equipped with 500GB of storage, and users can’t open up the Xbox One to add more storage like they can with Sony’s PS4.

The news isn’t great for media lovers. Hyrb’s post only confirms that users should see “external game storage soon.” He goes on to say that he’ll “need to check on media storage support,” hinting that Microsoft may deliver functionality separately. Xbox One owners can’t plug in a USB flash drive or hard drive and enjoy their media on the console now. Users can stream content from their Windows 8 or Windows 7 notebook, desktop or tablet.

How Microsoft plans to implement external game storage is still completely unknown. The Xbox 360 allows users to plug in an external hard drive or flash drive. Users are forced by the console to completely remove anything that was previously on it, and they can’t still use it to store files from other devices once it’s been integrated into the console’s memory. Furthermore, gamers can only use 32GB of storage, even if the flash drive or hard drive they have paired with the console actually has more than that.

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Hopefully, Microsoft will make the feature available to users sooner than letter. With the Xbox 360, it only released updates twice a year, however it’s updated the Xbox One every month since launch.

Users can pick up the Xbox One now for $499 with a free copy of Titanfall or Forza 5. 



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