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Stories That Almost Sound Like April Fools Jokes



April-Fool-ILLUSSometimes in the crazy, wacky world of tech some stories, no matter how real, sound like April Fools Day leg pulling no matter when they come out. They could be true, they could prove not to be, but who knows.

  • Mobile Phones more dangerous than smoking. This stoy hit the Intertubes yesterday and pops up every once in awhile. In truth, I’m guessing it is still to early to tell if there is any danger from cell phones, but could you imagine if it was ever proven that it was? If the anti-cell phone lobby ever got as ardent as the anti-smoking lobby watch out.
  • Nokia N810 with WiMAX may launch April 1 at CTIA? This may still prove to be a rumor. WiMAX is all the rage for the future, but there are still major questions as to whether and when we’ll see it rolled out. So, is Nokia really ready to roll out the N810 WiMAX version? Where would it be used?
  • Anything Apple and the iPhone. Basically any day with an Apple iPhone rumor is April Fools Day.
  • Battery Life promises. Anything that promises longer battery life for mobile devices.

And then there are some real April Fools pranks out there.

As usual Google has a bunch. TechCrunch round them up.

James and Kevin at jkOnTheRun have some fun with the iPod Grope and the MacBook Helium.

RodFather has some great April Fools headlines.

And I’m sure it will go on for awhile yet today.

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