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Stuck in Traffic? Let your Elected Officials Know with I’m Stuck!



Everyone hates being stuck in traffic. Whether it is a traffic jam caused by an accident or road construction, or a lousy train that stopped in the middle of a crossing, we do not like to wait. Building America’s Future has created an app called I’m Stuck, and that promises an easy to way report traffic issues directly to elected officials.

The application is a free download for both iOS and Android that allows users to report that they are currently stuck in traffic, or on mass transit. The application (based on your address you provide during registration) determines who the elected officials in Congress are for the user’s area. The user can then choose who receives the notification.

I'm Stuck

The I’m Stuck app main screen.

The user simply clicks on the Report an Issue button and the process begins.

I'm Stuck

I’m Stuck lets users attach an image.

The user has the opportunity to attach an image (using the phone’s camera) to send along with the message.

I'm Stuck

I’m Stuck lets the user choose which type of transportation tie-up they are having.

The user then selects what type of congestion problem they are experiencing.

I'm Stuck

I’m Stuck lets the user choose which member of Congress to send the message to.

Because the app knows where the user lives, it can search a database of Congressional districts and tell the user what representatives cover their area. The app then allows the user to choose any or all of the representatives to send it to.

I'm Stuck

I’m Stuck safety warning.

The I’m Stuck app will be presumably used when the driver is in a safe location (stopped in traffic) but it does take the time to remind the user to use the app safely.

I’m Stuck is basically an email application that makes it easier to send a message to a member of Congress about a specific issue. The application allows the user to attach a picture and customize the message. While nothing particularly fancy, it does do what it says and makes people more aware that they have people can complain to about traffic problems. Hopefully, if enough people complain about a particular location or issue, it will be fixed.


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1 Comment

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