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Unbelievable New Nintendo NX Release Rumors Arrive



It’s no secret that Nintendo is hard at work on building a new video game console to take on the Xbox One and PS4, the company revealed as much in statements some time ago. What is surprising are the new Nintendo NX release rumors that indicate the company plans to release a NX handheld console and a traditional living room console that work in tandem.

Macquarie Capital Securities, a Japanese securities firm, discusses what it believes Nintendo has planned for its Xbox One and PS4 rival in a new report that’s being circulated this week by Nintendo Life. In the abstract, the Wii U is Nintendo’s alternative to the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, it lacks the developer support needed to be anyone’s only gaming console. High-profile titles from third-party developers on the Wii U are very rare.

The New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS

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First Macquarie Capital believes that the Nintendo NX isn’t actually a single piece of hardware like a traditional console. The firm believes that Nintendo NX has two parts. Allegedly, there’ll be a Nintendo NX handheld that’ll cost around $200. Reportedly, this handheld will include augmented reality features, maybe even tying in with the Pokémon Go release this year that iPhone and Android users are excited over.

“We now assume a portable NX launch at a lower prime in 2016 and a console partner device launches in 2017. We think NX is a platform of two devices and may include AR. “ The firm points to a recent patent filing as indication that Nintendo won’t repeat the $250 purchase price of its last platform launch, the Nintendo 3DS.

That Nintendo would launch a handheld and console that works together is already a pretty interesting and thought-provoking assertion. The firm does even better though, saying that it believes Nintendo might have plans for this Nintendo NX handheld system to be compatible with the gaming systems of other companies. “We believe smartphone games will work with the NX and actually help drive sales.” “It’s possible the NX works with PS4 or PS4 which would be a major change for Nintendo and be a positive,” the report concludes.

To be absolutely clear, Nintendo has confirmed the existence of the Nintendo NX, but never discussed anything more than its name. Until this report surfaced, general consensus was that the Nintendo NX was a living room console set to bring robust processors and internals to the Nintendo ecosystem. Though innovative, the Wii U lacks the hardware necessary for third-party developers to deliver their games without significant modifications. The last major developer to try their hand at launching a title on all three current platforms was Ubisoft with Watch Dogs.

Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U.

Speculation aside, and this report offers nothing but that, such a console setup would play to Nintendo’s strengths. The company proved that it was ready to embrace new mobile gaming trends when it announced Pokémon Go and revealed it’d be investing in video game developer Niantic Labs. It’s also worth noting that portable game systems are the company’s core strength at this point, with the Wii U having mostly failed to catch on in the United States.

The Wii U comes in two parts today; the Wii U GamePad includes a touchscreen and dedicated controls.  That controller wirelessly connects to a console system that sits underneath user’s television sit. Most games use that second screen to provide a look at inventory items or a different camera angle than what’s available on user’s television sit.

Nintendo has kept quiet about everything related to the Nintendo NX except when we’ll learn more about it. We know that the company plans to talk about the console in detail sometime in 2016.



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