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Useless iPhone 6 Accessories Arrive Ahead of Release



Accessory makers continue to tease their wares ahead of the iPhone 6 release date though the latest batch of early iPhone 6 accessories could be rendered useless by one of the device’s key features.

As we move deeper into the year and closer to the fall, we’re starting to hear a whole lot more about Apple’s plans for its next iPhone release, a device that is currently dubbed iPhone 6. iPhone 6 rumors continue to pelt consumers with tales of its display, design, release date, camera, processor, and software though the device currently remains out of reach.

That hasn’t stopped companies from trying to cash in on the highly anticipated smartphone as interest in the iPhone 6 starts to pick up. iPhone 6 pre-orders have gone live weeks ahead of the iPhone 6 announcement and accessory makers like Spigen have put up placeholders for upcoming iPhone 6 accessories well in advance.

Even without an official iPhone 6 release date some places are offering preorders.

Even without an official iPhone 6 release date some places are offering preorders.

XtremeGuard, another accessory maker, is following Spigen’s lead as it is now lists iPhone 6 screen protectors on its website. The screen protectors, first noticed by GSMArena, are for a 4.7-inch device called iPhone 6. The company also seems to have a placeholder for an iPhone 6c which it also lists at 4.7-inches. The iPhone 6 is rumored to be coming in two sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches.

The company is using what appear to be iPhone 6 renders based on rumors. The source of these renders is unknown but they resemble several iPhone 6 concepts that we’ve seen emerge in recent weeks. These iPhone 6 concepts are based on the latest iPhone 6 rumors but they may not be an accurate representation of the real iPhone 6.

XtremeGuard is currently not selling these screen protectors and those trying to spend $7 are told that they are currently out of stock. It’s not entirely clear when the company plans to stock these items though given the iPhone 6 rumors, screen protectors might be one of the last iPhone 6 accessories consumers will want to buy.

Companies like Corning have rendered screen protectors obsolete thanks to anti-scratch technology that protects displays from harm. The iPhone 6 isn’t expected to utilize Corning’s Gorilla Glass but it could potentially come with a brand new Sapphire display to protect it against drops and inadvertent contact with sharp surfaces. A new iPhone 6 video showcases the durability of the Sapphire display cover on the iPhone 6 thanks to a leaked iPhone 6 part.

The idea behind Sapphire is that unless you take your diamond ring to it, scratches will not be an issue. Sapphire screen protectors have offered similar protection for a while now, but the next iPhone will likely be the first mass production smartphone in the U.S. to use Sapphire for a full screen. Corning claims Sapphire will not survive drops and impacts as well as Gorilla Glass, but we’ll need to wait for more detailed tests and possibly the iPhone 6 release to see that in action.

Whatever the case, it will probably render XtremeGuard’s iPhone 6 accessory useless. Not that it wasn’t useless already, weeks ahead of a rumored smartphone launch.

iPhone 6 Release Date rumors continue to point to a September release.

iPhone 6 Release Date rumors continue to point to a September release.

The new iPhone release is rumored for a September launch with reports continuing to point to a launch in and around the middle of the month. Apple is likely to debut the device alongside its finished iOS 8 update, the update that is currently in the beta program and will be heading to devices around the world sometime this fall.

Apple’s brand new iPhone is expected to feature a number of upgrades beyond a Sapphire display including a 4.7-inch Retina Display with higher resolution, an A8 processor with M8 co-processor, a new camera with Optical Image Stabilization, and a redesign that slims down the device and offers the same build quality that Apple users are accustomed to.



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    07/23/2014 at 1:00 pm

    FYI, sapphire is not a trademarked name (no need to capitalize it) and has long been a common material used for watch crystals.

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