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Subway Sketcher: LA Times Finds a Tablet PC Artist



image What a great story that Mickey Segal found and put in the forums.  It’s an article in the LA Times featuring a guy, Ed Velandria, who uses his Motion Computing Tablet PC to effectively use time on his subway commute.  Each time picking a different person and trying to catch their ‘soul’.  There are tons of links to his work showing off some of his sketches.

As we have been talking about marketing, state and future of Tablet PC over the past week or so, this to me is a wonderful example of how marketing the Tablet PC should occur.  It’s a unique story about one person that has taken the platform and embraced the functionality and mobility.  Yes, he could just be using a piece of paper and a pencil, but what fun would that be??? 

Check out his Flickr page for more images

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