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SugarSync Goes Pro




SugarSync is expanding their file sync service to the professional level with SugarSync for Business.

It’s basically a group version of their individual paid plans with the ability to add users to an account and add storage as needed. The core plan, which is now at a reduced introductory price, is $29.99 a month for up to three users or $299.99 for the year. Additional users are $9.99 per person per month ($99.99 per year). Additional storage is $29.99 per 100 GB per month ($299.99 per year). You can try it for free with a 30-day trial.

While the storage is pooled, each user is restricted to their own files; the account is shared but the files are not. Requisite management tools allow the administrator to restrict access as needed. Former employees can be locked out or put on hold, while limits can be put on Fran the photog and Merv the perv to keep them from pushing the account past the storage limit with unwanted photos (really unwanted in Merv’s case). Or you can grab an employee’s data (or keep it from them) before they’re fired, if they’re knocked out of commission for a while (like after falling from a loft), or just to make sure their common files are current.

What pushes it up to business-class is the phone support, which is absolutely necessary for any serious business service offering. Price-wise, individual plans are cheaper, but the upgrade looks worthwhile for any company that needs to manage multiple users and be able to call in for support.

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