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SugarSync To The Rescue



sugarsync_tree A while back I was was e-mailed an opportunity for a SugarSync account.  I accepted the offer so I could test out that system since I had been trying other sync applications already.  So far, I have really liked this sync solution.  I have it on my Lenovo x61, the old Dell home computer and my AT&T Tilt Windows Mobile phone. Yes, my phone too – it will sync pictures I take automatically, plus I can access any of my files.

One of the features I didn’t realize was there is a ‘trash can’.  On Friday night while I was waiting for something to process I decided to clean up my desktop.  All was good till Monday morning when I needed a file – Guess what – it was gone.  I could have pulled out the external drive with the backup on it and done a restore, but didn’t want to go thru all that to get the file.  I opened up SugarSync to see if it was in there (still being new to the system, I didn’t know…) and it wasn’t – or at least I didn’t think it was…  I did end up finding it in the Deleted Files folder on the SugarSync server.  I was happy to get my file back – and now I know what to do it that happens again.

That is one of the things I have been enjoying about SugarSync as apposed to something like foldershare – None of the computers have to be on, it’s all stored on their servers.

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