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Sumocat Declares RitePen 3.0 The Killer Tablet PC App



The accolades for RitePen 3.0 keep pouring in, this time from ubber ink-blogger Sumocat. Take a read about what he has to say about RitePen and what makes it so special:

In its previous version, ritePen ( was a handy tool for Tablet PCs. It allowed you to write anywhere on the screen and have that writing be converted to text, as opposed to the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) which required writing in a given area. Useful, but it didn’t offer much more value than the standard TIP. That has changed dramatically with version 3.0.

ritePen has upped the ante by adding macro functionality, allowing users to launch apps, open URLs, and insert pre-defined text by scribbling a command and circling it. Such functionality is not new (see: ActiveWords (, but having it in conjunction with ritePen’s “write anywhere” ability elevates the app to, in my opinion, “killer” status.

In addition, Sumocat is loving RitePen combined with nirCmd, calling it the killer tablet pc mashup. Check that out here.

RitePen is currently offering a GBM only special of $19.95, 33% of the normal $29.95

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