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Sunday Morning On-line vs. Sunday Morning Print Reading



CoffeeSunday mornings are usually one of the few mornings that my wife and I get to spend some time together. Not always, but sometimes due to our crazy schedules. Our routine used to be one of coffee, breakfast, turn on the pundit shows, and read the New York Times and Washington Post.

That’s all changed. We still have coffee and breakfast but that’s about all of the old routine we follow. We don’t buy print newspapers any more instead consuming our news online. (The cost of purchasing the Sunday New York Times alone is substantial and more than we pay on an annual basis for our broadband connection.) We also don’t watch the talking heads that much anymore, although we occasionally do, as we download Meet the Press as a podcast and will listen to it as we drive back and forth during the week. We also download a few others as well and frequently use the time we used to watch the talking heads to listening to some NPR programs as podcasts.

The other interesting fact about this is that when we are busy on a Sunday morning, we seem to be much more willing to go back on a Sunday or Monday night to look at stories that we are interested in on-line than we ever did with newspapers. I can’t tell you how many times I felt guilty seeing an unread Sunday paper lying on the kitchen table on Tuesday or Wednesday. How about you? Have you changed any of your Sunday morning habits (or any other day for that matter) due to being on-line?

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