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Sundays, Planning, and a Tablet PC



On Sunday afternoons, I normally sit back in a quiet area in our house to do some reading, as well as planning for the next week. I’m normally in tablet mode, sitting back in a recliner, working in MindManager for the planning part. The really nice part of a Sunday afternoon is turning the Tablet off and getting in to some good reading ( which typically leads to a great nap! )

In our weekend discussion of why a person should look at a Tablet PC, the value of the below MindManager map is hard to explain to someone. Notice the personal handwriting, links to Outlook emails, links to sections in OneNote, and more. This is typically a map I’ll work out of the entire week, make changes / additions, etc. Sure, a person can MindMap and hyperlink with a regular notebook, but nothing compares to working in tablet mode and doing it with a pen. I’m able to stay much more creative when working with a pen than with a keyboard.

Ok, time to run. There is a big, fluffy pillow calling my name.




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