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Sunset Overdrive Video Features Chaos & Co-Op



Sunset Overdrive isn’t due out for a few months, but already the game’s developer is hoping to entice users into buying the Xbox One exclusive with the details of a new cooperative mode that’ll let players team up with their friends to take down giant monsters.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, users can expect a ton of features to come packed into Chaos Squad, the name it’s chosen for the multiplayer features coming to users in Sunset Overdrive.



Teaming up with friends will be as simple as entering small picture booths around different levels of the game. Before they can begin the action, players participating in a Chaos Squad session will get two multiplayer options to vote on and each of those missions will allow everyone to earn new power-ups.

After a few rounds as a successful team, those playing Chaos Squad in Sunset Overdrive will be tasked with completing a Night Defense mission. Players will need to have their favorite weapons and attack gear on hand for Night Defense because they’ll be battling waves upon waves of enemies along with their team mates. The longer the team lasts, the more deciduous the waves of enemies will get. In that respect, Night Defense for Sunset Overdrive sounds very similar to Firefight, a mission that require users to last as long as they could in the multiplayer that was included in Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox 360.

Chaos Squad is essential to Sunset Overdrive. The single player will likely reel players in because of its fast paced story line and sense of humor. In either mode Sunset Overdrive players will use amps and different power ups to take down mutant freaks who have infested in an entire city. It’s not yet clear what caused the mutants to appear, but previous trailers indicated that these creatures owe their existence to a sketchy popular soft drink. The story mode sounds excellent, but the game was always going to need a multiplayer experience to give it a boost after users finished the single player experience.

Likewise, Sunset Overdrive is important to Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox One. Despite spending its entire E# 2014 Media Briefing talking about games, the Xbox One’s exclusive line-up of titles is looking a bit slim. Those looking to purchase the Xbox One shouldn’t misunderstand, there are plenty of games coming to the Xbox One this fall. Those games just won’t be exclusive to the Xbox One. For example, Destiny is set to arrive this September. When it does it’ll be available on Sony’s PS4 gaming console too. Only Fantasia: Music Evolved and Halo: The Master Chief Collection will Sunset Overdrive is exclusive Xbox One titles available this fall.

Console makers rely on exclusive titles users can’t get anywhere else to boost sales of they’re particular console. Without those console exclusives, console makers have to hope that the rest of the experience they offer – like online play – will be enough to convince holiday buyers that buying their particular console is the smart move to make.

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Microsoft doesn’t note it in the video or in the post, but users thinking about purchasing the Xbox One for Chaos Squad need to remember that playing the game mode will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. That’s not particular to Sunset Overdrive — all Xbox One games require users to pay to play against other users online – but it’s worth noting just the same. Subscribing to Xbox Live will cost Sunset Overdrive players another $9.99 a month on top of the game’s $60 purchase price.

Sunset Overdrive will be available in the Xbox Store and at retailers like GameStop & Wal-Mart beginning October 28th.

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