Super-Responsive Touch Tech from Microsoft Research (Video)
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Super-Responsive Touch Tech from Microsoft Research (Video)



Today’s touchscreens may seem instantly responsive, but Microsoft Research shows us how they could be so much faster.

In a video on YouTube, Microsoft Research demonstrates what they call “High-Performance Touch: A touch-display system with two orders of magnitude less latency than current systems.” By “two orders of magnitude less latency” they mean they can cut the 100 millisecond response delay you see in today’s touchscreens down to a mere 1 ms. Sounds like a negligible change, but wait until you see it in action before you judge.

Impressive, no? You can really see the difference between the tracking at 100 ms vs. 1 ms. The tracking unit shown clearly employs a projection-type device to represent the cursor, but I believe the actual touch-sensing technology is below the surface, beneath the touchpad (and crude, surrounding cardboard).

Of course, this is still a research project and not something that will hit the market soon, but it is encouraging to see how much touch technology can improve in a way that would not occur to most of us.

Where this will make a huge difference is with pen input. I’ve picked apart many a digitizer demo to spot delays between pen stroke and ink. The closer we can get digital ink to match the original model of pen and paper, the better.

Via LAPTOP Magazine


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