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Super Smash Bros Allegedly Set for Nintendo NX Release



Early 2016 is turning out to be a great time for anyone interested in Nintendo NX release rumors. This morning, a report indicated that Nintendo is planning to release a standalone NX handheld console to replace the Nintendo 3DS and act as a companion for a traditional living room console. Now sources who have proved accurate before say that Nintendo is planning a new Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo NX release.

Video game developer Bandai Namco is working on Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo NX, according to a decent source. Super Smash Bros is the enormously popular, yet kid-friendly fighting game that debuted on the Nintendo 64. Nintendo recently released Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo NX is reportedly the Japanese company’s next attempt at taking on the Xbox One and PS4. The company offers the Wii U today, but there’s little third-party support for it.

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS

“Bandai Namco is currently developing several NX titles. Smash Bros is planned to be a launch title. I’m not sure about the date yet,” Dr. Serkan Toto said this morning on Twitter, a popular social network. DualShockers reports that Toto has a decent track record of providing accurate insight into Nintendo’s plans.

That a new Super Smash Bros. game would be in development so soon after Super Smash Bros for 3DS sent some fans into a frenzy. Toto later clarified, saying that he was unsure whether the Super Smash Bros that he’s heard about is a standalone game and not a remake. “To follow up on my last tweet: I haven’t heard if it’s a completely new (numbered) Smash Bros or not,” he says. He also goes on to describe his source on the new Super Smash Bros game intended for the Nintendo NX release as “solid.”

As of right now, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that there’s a new version of Super Smash Bros. coming for the Nintendo NX, or even a remake in the works.

However, the company has confirmed that the Nintendo NX is a real console that’s coming, and that we’ll learn about it sometime in 2016. Nintendo began talking about the console last year in earnings reports after rumors suggested that it was preparing a new console with robust internals to take on the Xbox One and PS4. The Wii U launched in 2012, just a year before Microsoft and Sony’s consoles. Whereas Microsoft and Sony built consoles with the very latest hardware, Nintendo opted to create a console that’s more user-friendly and included a controller with a dedicated touch screen. To mimic the dual-screens in the Nintendo 3DS.

Though unique, Nintendo has never been able to sell enough of the Wii U for third-party developers to create games specifically for it or bring other titles from other consoles to it.

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If the rumors about the Nintendo NX we heard this morning are accurate, Nintendo is relying on its dominance in portable gaming consoles to overcome its disadvantage this time. The Wii U GamePad can’t be used without its companion living console, much to the chagrin of reviewers who examined the console early on. It’s rumored that the living console portion of the Nintendo NX will launch in 2017, after the now dominant Nintendo 3DS is replaced by the handheld portion of the Nintendo NX.

Presumably, Nintendo will have more information to share about the Nintendo NX release during or before this June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. That’s seems true, whether the Nintendo NX release date is this year or in 2017. Allegedly, the handheld portion of the Nintendo NX could cost $200.



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