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Surface Book & Surface Pro 4 Pre-Orders Arrive



Earlier this week Microsoft revealed its Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Band to the world. Now each is available for pre-order ahead of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 launch later this month.

It was on Monday that Microsoft took to a stage in New York City to announce its upgraded line of iPhone, iPad and MacBook rivals. The Surface Book is both a notebook and a tablet, letting users detach its screen and take it away from its base. The Surface Pro 4 is an upgraded version of last’s year’s Surface Pro 3. The Microsoft Band 2 is an upgraded fitness tracker with a new Barometer so that it can sense elevation.

The Microsoft Store began offering Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Band 2 and Surface Book pre-orders following Microsoft’s announcement on Tuesday. Shoppers there can purchase the Surface Pro 4 in pre-made versions or use Microsoft’s simple customizer to decide which processor and how much storage space they’d like in their device.

Surface Pro 4 Impressions (2)

Surface Pro 4 pre-orders start at $899 for a model with an Intel Core M3 processor and 128GB of storage. Microsoft has three other configurations too, a $1,299 model with an Intel Core i5 Processor and 8GB of RAM, a $1,499 model with an Intel Core i5 processor and with 16GB of RAM and a $1599 model with Intel Core i7 model with 8GB of RAM. Every Surface Pro 4 comes with the new Surface Pen. Users who plan on pre-ordering should look into purchasing a Surface Pro Type Cover if they haven’t already.

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Surface Book Impressions (3)

Surface Book pre-orders on both Amazon and the Microsoft Store start with 128GB of storage an Intel Core i5 processor for $1,499.  $1,699 gets shoppers the same machine with 256GB of storage. To get the Surface Book with 8GB of RAM and a graphics processor built into the base costs a minimum of $1,899. The Surface Book tops out at $2,699 for a model with Intel Core i7 processor, 512GB of storage, a second graphics processor and 16GB of RAM.

Amazon is offering the same Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book pre-order configurations to its shoppers as well. This is in addition to the Surface Pro 3, which have all received price cuts. Both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book pre-orders are eligible for Amazon Prime.

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The Microsoft Band 2 is available for pre-order directly from Amazon too in all sizes. Amazon shows a delivery date of October 30th for all the small, medium and large sizes. It’s also available for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. The Microsoft Store offers free shipping and free returns on all items. All versions of the Microsoft Band 2 cost $249.

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All told, it’s sure to be a very busy month for Microsoft minded shoppers as the company begins rolling out these new devices. Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to get news of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book out to as many people as possible. Many report that the Microsoft Stores in their area already have Surface Books and Surface Pro 4 devices available for users to try out.

Surface Pro 4 is a competitor to both the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro. It’s capable of running Windows Store apps and Windows programs without. Users can dethatch the tablet end of the Surface Pro 4 and use it just like a tablet. The Surface Book is aimed at creatives and professionals who might need a tablet at some point, but prefer the comforts of a regular notebook. Its screen detaches from the rest of its body.

The Microsoft Store is the only place offering the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover’ and new Surface Pen so far. The Surface Pen costs $59.99 and includes replaceable tips and an eraser. The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover has smaller keys with more space between them when compared to the older Type Cover. It costs $129 for a model without a fingerprint reader and $159 for a model with a fingerprint reader. These also show a shipping date of October 26th.

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