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Surface Pro 3 NFL Ad is Football and Nothing Else



Microsoft has enjoyed a deal with the National Football League in America for some time, but lately its been pushing to eek even more publicity and notoriety for its Surface tablets. Early last week the company revealed a new television ad, one that doesn’t so much explain each feature of the Surface Pro 3 as it does get the 2-in-1 in front of NFL fans who might be looking for their next productivity upgrade.

The commercial in question is typical of Microsoft these days. Having failed to persuade buyers in large numbers to purchase older Surface devices with bright, colorful commercials with people dancing, this new Surface Pro 3 ad trades in normal users for some of the NFL’s greatest stars. Throughout the advertisement coaching staff and players of the Seattle Seahawks are seen preparing for a match on Sunday. They often use the Surface Pro 3 for just about everything.

NFL Surface Pro 3 Ad

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One scene includes an NFL player getting pumped for the coming gaming by listening to music through Microsoft’s Xbox Music service. Earlier in the week coaching staff are busy showing game film to the entire Seahawks roster using the Surface Pro 3’s built-in USB port and display settings. The Surface Pro 3’s detachable Type Cover is also shown in the video along with its other big hardware advantage, the digitizer and pen that allow users to quickly take hand written notes.

All told, the ad is pretty good for Microsoft. It manages to educate potential buyers about the features the Surface Pro 3 offers. All the while, it doesn’t resort to the zany antics of past Surface commercials and shows how buyers would use the Surface Pro 3 in the real world. Actually showing why users should buy the tablet has been something Microsoft has struggled with ever since it unveiled the original Surface Pro and Surface tablets back in 2012.

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 to press and industry insiders early this summer. While it’s still very similar to past Surface Pro devices, the Surface Pro 3 different from other tablets in the Surface Pro line in a few key ways. Microsoft says it designed the Surface Pro 3 to be the only true tablet that can replace a laptop. As such, the Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch screen for buyers who are more comfortable with larger aspect rations of laptops instead of the 16×9 ration that other Surface screens have. Inside are any of three Intel Core processors so that users can run any of their Desktop apps like iTunes along with new Windows Store apps. Around back is a freely adjustable kickstand that allows users to see that 12-inch screen from any angle. That’s key since past Surface Pro devices were dinged for requiring a case to get the screen at just the right angle.

The Surface Pro 3 starts at $799 for a version that includes 64GB of storage and an Intel Core i3 processor online at the Microsoft Store. There are more expensive versions that don’t add a bigger screen but do include faster processors, more RAM and more storage space to keep pictures, programs and files. The Surface Pro 3 also includes a MicroSD card sot so that users can add a bit more storage if it’s required. Buyers should note that the Surface Pro 3, doesn’t include the Type Cover. It’s a $129.99 accessory.

This NFL Surface ad isn’t the only one making the rounds lately. Earlier this year Microsoft revealed another ad that compares the Surface Pro 3 to it’s arch-competitor, Apple’s MacBook Air. In that video Microsoft points out a lot of the same things it shows off here, but takes jabs at Apple’s notebook for not having things like a touch screen or an integrated pen. The company has also offered trade-in deals to MacBook Air users willing to switch.

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