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Surface Pro 3 Price Cut Brings Needed Savings



Microsoft’ Surface Pro 3 Windows 2-in-1 is well-known for its kickstand and detachable keyboard, but it isn’t necessarily the most affordable Windows PC users can purchase. For a limited time Microsoft is changing that with a Surface Pro 3 price cut designed to save on the best Windows 2-in-1 available.

surface pro 3 price cut

The Microsoft Store website seems to have rolled out the Surface Pro 3 price cut over the last few days. Like any decent price cut, users aren’t required to provide a coupon code or trade-in their older device. The Surface Pro 3 price cut starts by slashing off $100 on the cost of purchase a Surface Pro 3 with 128GB of storage and an Intel Core i5 processor. Normally, that device would cost $999, but today its $899. With this Surface Pro 3 price cut the 256GB Surface Pro 3 with Core i5 processor is $1,199, the Surface Pro 3 with 256GB of storage and an Intel Core i7 processor is $1,449. Finally, there’s the Surface Pro 3 with Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB of storage. It’s now $1,449. The Microsoft Store is also hoping to lure users into purchasing the Surface Pro 3 with some additional savings on top of the price cut. It’s giving away a free sleeve with every Surface Pro 3 purchase.

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The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s answer to both the iPad and the Macbook Air. It’s about as thin as any notebook or laptop you can find on store shelves. A high-definition 12-inch touchscreen display allows buyers to use it like any other media tablet. Two loud speakers allow it to fill a room with music or other audio and included kickstand allows for better viewing angles if you’re trying to watch a film or doodle on the screen using the pressure sensitive stylus that Microsoft includes for note taking and drawing.

It’s when users attach the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover that the device becomes a true MacBook Air competitor though. Because there’s an Intel Core processor inside, users can run the desktop apps they already know and love alongside new, touch-friendly apps downloaded from the Windows Store. Any Surface Pro 3 can run iTunes, or Photoshop Elements. The Type Cover fits into a magnetic area on the bottom of the Surface Pro 3, protecting the device’s screen from damage when it’s closed. When it’s open Surface Pro 3 owners get a pretty solid notebook experience. Built into the Surface Pro 3 is a single USB port, the aforementioned kickstand and a display port that allows the Surface Pro 3 to output video and auto to a monitor or television. On the front and rear of the Surface Pro 3 are 5 megapixel cameras.

The Surface Pro 3 is one of the first Windows 2-in-1s to comfortably nail both experiences. Microsoft needs them in front of as many people as possible if it hopes to turn back Apple’s wins in the tablet space. That’s why this Surface Pro 3 price cut is so important even though it’s relatively small. Microsoft rarely puts the Surface Pro 3 or its accessories on sale. That’s why there’s been hardly any news about a more permanent Surface Pro 3 price cut.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft only sells the Surface Pro 3 without a Type Cover. As such, users will probably want to take that $100 in savings from this Surface Pro 3 price cut and put it towards purchasing the accessory to complete their experience. The Type Cover costs $129. Microsoft includes a single charger and the Surface Pro 3 pen with every device sold, though users who lose them or need more can purchase another online too. The Surface Pro 3 price cut doesn’t include temporary savings on these accessories either.

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