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Surface Pro 3 Price Cut Gets Users $100 Off Microsoft’s iPad Alternative



Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 2-in-1 might have only arrived in all its forms a few weeks ago, but that isn’t stopping office retailer Staples from offering a $100 Surface Pro 3 price cut in time for back to school shoppers to save.

A $100 off coupon is what gets Staples shoppers a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for as low as $699. For comparison, the Surface Pro 3 launched with an entry-level price of $999 before Microsoft introduced a cheaper $799 version that includes less storage and a less powerful processor.

surface pro 3 connections

Today the Surface Pro 3 starts at $699 for a model with an Intel Core i3 processor and 64GB of storage. The $999 version of the Surface Pro 3 includes an Intel Core i5 processor with 128GB of storage and users can get 256GB of storage for $1299. An Intel Core i7 model with 256GB of storage starts at $1,549. The Staples coupon lets users get all the versions of the Surface Pro 3 the retailer sells for $100 off, giving users a bit of breathing room to purchase accessories and extras.

And to be clear, that’s probably exactly what Staples is counting on. With other Windows PCs, retailers like Staples are able to recoup money on discounts by reminding buyers that they’re going to need extras like Microsoft Office or a compatible mouse and keyboard. It’s called attachment selling, and with the Surface Pro 3 attachment selling has never been easier.

Surface Pro 3 Staples Deal

The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch high-definition touch screen display and an included stylus. To the untrained eye the Surface Pro 3 would appear to be just a plain tablet – however, the Surface Pro 3’s Intel processors allow it to run a full version of Windows. Microsoft markets the Surface Pro 3 as the easy solution to not carrying around a laptop and a tablet – a way of having the perfect machine for the task your trying to complete without carrying around multiple devices. The problem is that to do that users need to plug in an external keyboard, rely on the device’s touchscreen keyboard or purchase a Surface Pro 3 cover. The Surface Pro 3 covers cost a whopping $129.99 on top of the price of the Surface Pro 3 itself. That’s despite Microsoft advertising the Surface Pro 3 and the cover as if they’re included in the same box.

Users who are considering taking advantage of this would-be Surface Pro 3 price cut should definitely keep the extra cost of the Surface Pro 3 Cover in mind before buying the tablet. This Surface Pro 3 price cut comes just days after Microsoft revealed a new television ad and publicized a trade-in deal designed to lure MacBook Air buyers over to Surface Pro 3.

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The advertisement itself, broke down the benefits of having a Surface Pro 3 instead of a MacBook Air or really any traditional laptop. When note taking is a must users can use the Surface Pro 3’s included pen to instantly open Microsoft’s OneNote application. Its touchscreen also allows users to get a first class entertainment experience wherever they are.

The claims will sound familiar to anyone whose considered purchasing a Surface Pro in the past. The last two generations of Surface Pro devices have also included touchscreens, kickstands and pen input. The major difference here is that little design changes and touches make the Surface Pro 3 a better laptop and tablet hybrid. The two-step kickstand that limited the angle users could use the device at is gone. It’s been replaced by a kickstand that can be freely adjusted. The new row of magnets also makes using the Surface Pro 3 and Pro Cover in a lap actually tolerable. Finally, the Surface Pro 3 is seriously thin and light – putting past Surface Pro devices to shame.

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Staples’ website doesn’t include an exact expiration date for the coupon so anyone planning on taking advantage of this deal will definitely want to move fast.



  1. Bobby

    08/12/2014 at 9:42 am


    A couple of things. This is not a Surface Pro 3 discount, it is a Staples $100 off coupon on various computers, laptops, and tablets. It also can be applied to a Samsung Galaxy Tab, of an HP laptop or what ever device the shopper wants. Your headline is deceiving as it gives the impression that are they discounting the Surface to sell it, which is not the case.

    Also you mention the need for a keyboard, While some will add a keyboard many other will get along just fine with-out one, as many tablet users do. Keyboards are an option with any tablet, but they all have an on screen touch keyboard, should you decide you don’t want one.

    This is a coupon discount, you must clip the coupon from the ad, and printed clearly on the coupon it does say that the deal ends 08/16/14.

  2. lucienkblog

    08/13/2014 at 7:03 am

    For a moment I really believed there was a Surface 3 price cut. But this is simply a Staples only $100 coupon for all tablets above $500 and not just Surface tablets. The Staples coupon clearly shows pictures of all kind of tablets so not sure how you could have missed that.

  3. David

    08/13/2014 at 9:24 am

    Its not an IPAD replacement. It is more of a an Airbook replacement. The PRO version and the RT version shouldn’t have both been called “Surface” The RT version is running on an ARM processor like a IPAD, Galaxy, Nexus. The PRO is an intel processor it is a laptop, that has the benefit of being able to install Apps, as well as full blown programs. I run the actual Photoshop and Office, instead of these scaled down app verions with similar names. However I can also run angry birds. Surface Pro 3 with i7 is probably the best machine I’ve owned to date.

  4. Will

    08/13/2014 at 8:30 pm

    Surely Travis is an idiot for coming up with this click-bait title. Shame.

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