Surprise New Doom Game Set for E3 2015 Reveal
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Surprise New Doom Game Set for E3 2015 Reveal



Many industry insiders were expecting Bethesda to share details about the often-rumored Fallout 4 during its E3 2015 press event. That may still happen, but the video game developer isn’t confirming that. Instead, it just showed the first teaser trailer for a remake or sequel in shooting series Doom.

Bethesda isn’t talking much about the new Doom game that it plans to unveil at its E3 2015 briefing. In fact, there isn’t even a blog post about the upcoming game. Instead, a message on Bethesda’s Twitter profile revealed the upcoming game and when Bethesda plans to share more. The post also includes video footage from Doom.


That trailer posted to video website YouTube is only 10 seconds long. The clip starts with a shot-gun on-screen before quickly moving to an enemy with back-mounted machine guns. It’s notable that Bethesda isn’t just planning to show off concepts and cut-scene footage of the new Doom. The video ends with Bethesda confirming it plans to show gameplay during its June 14th press event. Bethesda sent out invites for its E3 2015 just recently, which is what triggered all the speculation about Doom.

Doom is one of the founding games of the first-person shooting genre. When it debuted back in 1993 no one had seen a game like it. You were your character instead of seeing him on-screen. You’d turn a corner and find yourself under a surprise attack. There have been three distinct core Doom games since the game launched. The last one to launch was Doom 3, which debuted in 2004. Doom 3 was significantly updated back in 2012 after Bethesda took over the series as publisher.

In the first Doom you play as a well-armed Marine. Players are charged with surviving the game’s horrific demons and adversaries. A lot of the things that are taken for granted by first-person shooter fans owe their existence to Doom. For example, it was among the first titles on the PC to offer network connectivity so that friends could compete with each other. The latest Doom game is DoomRL, which launched in 2013 and works on PCs running Windows, Macs and Linux based systems. It was developed by Roguelike,

It is interesting that Doom would be so far in development Bethesda would start out with a gameplay reveal. If there’s gameplay ready to show this early, it’s anyone’s guess when the new Doom could arrive on store shelves. As of now, we don’t know what consoles Doom will be on or whether there’ll be an exclusive downloadable content depending on which console users purchase it.

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Presumably this Doom release is just the first of what will be many unexpected announcements over the next few weeks. To build excitement video game developers sometime share news of what they have for E3 2015 in the hopes that it’ll get more attention. Key announcements have a way of getting drowned out by all the big news that typically happen during the show.

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Microsoft and Sony both have press events scheduled for May June 15th. We expect to hear talk about some of this year’s most-anticipated video games from Microsoft. It has Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza 6 also slated for release this year. Sony is expected to share details bout next year’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and some of the games its offering limited content with. Nintendo plans to make announcements during E3 2015 too.

Lots of other video game developers have E3 2015 announcements planned too. That includes Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

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