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Surprise ReCore Release Detail Is Fantastic News



It seems Microsoft is playing to the strengths of its ecosystem with one of the exclusive titles set to come to its Xbox One entertainment console sometime within the year. New ReCore release details revealed this week confirm that Microsoft is bringing the game to Windows PCs.

Microsoft confirmed that ReCore will get a release on Windows PCs this morning in a post on its Xbox Wire newsblog. ReCore was one of the surprise projects that Microsoft announced at its Xbox Media Briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show back in June. ReCore is an action-adventure game. Famed video game maker Keji Inafune is as producer on the exclusive Xbox One tittle.

The entire blog post is a rundown of how well the Xbox One console performed in 2015 and a breakdown of what the company has planned for 2016. Next to ReCore’s entry, Microsoft says that the game is coming to the Xbox One and devices running its Windows operating system. “ReCore (Xbox One & Windows 10 – 2016.”. Microsoft doesn’t go into any more detail besides that. We don’t know in what month ReCore will be available.

ReCore Release Date

Some are calling Microsoft’s decision to not make the ReCore release in 2016 exclusive to the Xbox One a mistake. Typically, console sales are fueled by exclusive games that players can’t get anywhere else. It makes sense that fewer people would purchase an Xbox One to play ReCore if it it’s available on PCs. At least, it would make logical sense if Microsoft was a typical hardware maker.

That logic doesn’t entirely sit well when you examine the Xbox business as a whole. For starters, Microsoft announced a change in strategy for Xbox last year. Whereas the company was obsessed with the sale of Xbox One hardware and games before, it’s banking on the future involving one cohesive Xbox ecosystem that’s available on multiple devices. For example, Gigantic and Fable Legends, two other games coming in 2016 let Xbox One and Windows owners play alongside each other over Xbox Live.

Also, adding support for Windows at launch shouldn’t do a lot to diminish sales of the Xbox One. People purchase consoles because they don’t already have an expensive PC powerful enough to play their favorite games. They don’t want to keep upgrading the hardware that’s inside their PC to play the latest games either. It’s very unlikely that a large number of people that were considering purchasing the Xbox One won’t because of these new ReCore release details.

Today’s post provides some details about other games for Xbox One and Windows 10 coming during the 2016 calendar year.

Halo Wars 2, the strategy game based on the popular Halo first-person shooter franchise, is coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One sometime this Fall. Microsoft hadn’t previously said when its release date would be. The company also confirmed that Gears of War Ultimate Edition will arrive on Windows 10 PCs sometime in Spring 2016. Crackdown 3 for Xbox One will have multiplayer modes available during the Summer. The Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta will kick off during the spring, months before its Fall 2016 release date. Killer Instinct Season 3 is coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One in March. We already knew that Quantum Break, one of the games that Microsoft originally planned to launch in 2015, was coming this April. The official Quantum Break release date is April 5th. It won’t come to PCs running Windows 10.

Until January 7th, the Xbox One costs $299.99. After that date Microsoft is expected to discontinue its holiday savings and return the Xbox One with 500GB hard drive and a single controller back to its $349.99 regular price.

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1 Comment

  1. Travis

    01/13/2016 at 7:39 pm

    “They don’t want to keep upgrading the hardware that’s inside their PC to play the latest games either”
    Funny how false that mindset is among console gamers.

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