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Survey: iPhone 5 More Anticipated Than Apple’s iPhone 4



Apple’s iPhone 4 launched 14 months ago, in June 2010, but it still remains the best selling smartphone in the world, its popularity not even wavering with rumors of a new iPhone swirling about each and every day. Still, it would appear that the anticipation of the upcoming iPhone 5 has surpassed the iPhone 4’s, a sign that Apple’s latest piece of hardware could easily top the iPhone 4 in sales.

A survey, conducted by investment bank RBC Capital Markets, asked 2,200 people in early August whether or not they would be purchasing the next iPhone and 31% of those interviewed stated that they would either be likely or somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5.

iPhone 4

RBC conducted a similar survey prior to the release of the iPhone 4 and found that only 25% of survey consumers were planning on getting an iPhone 4.

The survey also found that 66% of current iPhone owners, it didn’t specify models, would be upgrading to the latest and greatest Apple smartphone. In addition, RBC’s survey found that Sprint and T-Mobile customers don’t want to switch providers in order to get the iPhone 5 with 54% of Sprint and 53% of T-Mobile customers saying that they would prefer to stay on their current carrier.

Sprint has been rumored to be getting the iPhone 5 at launch although today, a report claimed that it would be seeing the iPhone 4 launch in October with a iPhone 5 launch possibly coming in 2012.

As for T-Mobile, things have been far more silent and there isn’t any solid indication that the next iPhone will be coming to the Magenta carrier.

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