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SwiftKey Note for iOS Arrives with Deep Evernote Integration



To nobody’s surprise (thanks to last week’s leak), SwiftKey Note has made its way to iOS and is ready for downloading by the public. SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard replacements that you can get on Android, and now it has come to iOS, but not as a keyboard replacement (you think Apple would really allow that?). Instead, it’s a note-taking app that seamlessly integrates with Evernote.

The app comes included with SwiftKey’s powerful predictive typing and suggestion technology, making the app a good choice for folks who want a keyboard like that to type out notes and any other long-form material they need to crank out while on the go.

SwiftKey Note for iOS

Note: The Keyboard above has the iKeywi jailbreak tweak enabled, which is why you’re seeing a fifth row of keys.

SwiftKey Note is available for both the iPhone and iPad, and it includes a three next-word suggestion section right above the keyboard, as well as personalized autocorrect. It can also learn your typing habits and improve its prediction system the more you type.

SwiftKey Note comes with Evernote integration, and you link your account to SwiftKey Note to send notes back and forth between the two apps. This is a Godsend for those who use Evernote and also enjoy SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard.

SwiftKeyNote can also take a peek at your Evernote archive in order get a better idea of what your writing style is like to improve on its prediction capabilities. And just like the Android version, the note-taking app can keep track of how many keystrokes you’ve saved over time and how more efficient you are with the keyboard, compared to the default iOS keyboard.

Evernote getting in on SwiftKey’s own note-taking app was really smart for both companies, seeing how SwiftKey Note could technically take down Evernote if it played its cards right, but we think the integration with Evernote is beneficial for the two apps, as well as for the iOS owners who will use both apps.

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