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Swing Sets and a GETAC G840XT



garage 002 I have a fun weekend ahead of me with this one!  We bought one of those large wooden swings sets for my daughter, and guess who gets to put it together…  Yep, that will be my weekend.  Of course, it will all be worth it when she sees the final product!!

How does this relate to Tablet PC’s?  Well, I have the G840XT from TabletKiosk and what better use than when I am outside working!  I took the instruction manual and scanned it into a PDF.  From that PDF, I have been using the rugged unit to help keep track of things as I am getting everything prepared.  The first step was to use the G840XT to take an inventory of what was in the box and label every piece of wood (this will help me later).  Using the tablet, I checked off one by one as I took it out of the box!

I have the rest of the instructions from the manual on the G840XT and will be using the unit as I move outside.  This is a great use of this rugged machine as I don’t have to worry about it falling off the stack of wood, dropping it in the grass or anything else that I would have to worry about during the construction if I was using a regular Tablet PC!  Maybe I’ll add some video to the InkShow I am filming of me accidentally dropping it off the swing set when I am finished with it!

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