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Switch to AT&T, Get $300 in Credits



AT&T is offering up to $300 in credits to those switching from other wireless carriers. That’s enough to offset a few months of service or a big chunk of the cost of a new iPhone 6 or Android device. The $300 in service credits can be used to pay your AT&T wireless bill or buy accessories. The $300 credit is made up of a $100 switcher credit and a $200 trade-in credit.

This deal is sponsored by AT&T. You can see the full terms of the $300 credit by clicking here

So why is AT&T offering to buy phones for more than they’re worth? It’s simply to win new customers from the competition without slashing the sticker price of their phones.

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While we see a lot of offers from wireless carriers willing to buy old phones for less than what you could sell them for on your own, AT&T’s offering $200 in credits regardless of what sort of phone you’re turning in, so long as it can turn on and is appraised at $10 or more. That means this deal is especially attractive for people that haven’t upgraded in a couple years or more and are carrying around an aging phone.

AT&T does have a few requirements for those that want the full $300 in credits. You need to sign up for AT&T’s Next payment plan, which breaks up the full cost of a new phone into monthly installments. The offer is only valid for those who are transferring a phone number to AT&T from one of its competitors. This offer is only good on post-paid AT&T plans, not on pre-paid accounts.

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If you happen to live in New York City or the eo

an Francisco Bay Area, you can even have your new phone delivered to your house within a few hours by a smartphone expert from Enjoy, a company that AT&T’s partnered with to offer concierge delivery services. Enjoy can help you set up your new phone, transfer stuff over from your old phone and get it set up to work with your other gadgets and accessories.

You can read our review about why AT&T+ Enjoy is the best way to buy a smartphone here.

Visit if you’re interested in trading your old phone and upgrading to the iPhone 6, LG  G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 or any other premium smartphone.

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While the iPhone 6 is a popular choice, the LG G4 is worth considering, especially for those who prefer Android or want to try something new.



  1. justdoing

    08/18/2015 at 11:33 am

    cool this.

  2. Dwayne

    09/09/2015 at 8:08 pm

    Very hot long charge wait screen doesn’t work freezes up one thing after another off to the store tomorrow

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