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Symbian Belle Update Coming in 2012



While it was often speculated that Symbian Belle, the Symbian^3 update that follows the release of Symbian Anna, would be coming in the fourth quarter of this year, Nokia has finally confirmed that this would not be the case and Symbian’s forthcoming update will be landing in 2012.

Symbian Belle brings an updated visual UI to the Symbian^3 operating system and has been leaked in unofficial releases to various devices in the past, including the Nokia N8. I’ve been using a leaked build of Belle on my green N8 and it definitely appears to bring a lot of stability to the Symbian platform, ending frequent crashing on the phone. Additionally, Belle really makes Symbian look and feel more like Android, which may relieve some disappointment for those who wished the N8 and others were released with Symbian or the fact that Nokia had chosen Windows Phone 7 as its next platform over Google’s mobile OS.

In a tweet by Nokia UK, Symbian Belle is said to be coming in early 2012, and My Nokia Blog has obtained an email correspondence between a reader and Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop confirming that date:

Hello there,

There was not a specific date promise that I am aware of, but my
understanding is that it will be during the first quarter of next year
that it is available.



Belle will be pre-loaded on newer devices released with Symbian, but the update is mostly anticipated for older handsets that were not released with Belle. While Belle follows Anna, Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna will be following Belle. As Google uses delectable sweets to name its Android releases, Symbian uses names of some leading ladies.

Via: My Nokia Blog


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