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Sync Your Windows 8 Files Automatically with SkyDrive



Microsoft is attempting to revolutionize the way users think about Windows. With it, users are able to effortlessly sync their computer settings from computer to computer. This syncing includes everything from passwords to desktop backgrounds, all using SkyDrive. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t see fit to build in automatic SkyDrive syncing for files. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get that functionality. Here’s how to sync your Windows 8 files from your SkyDrive folder to, and other PCs.

This method uses the same Microsoft Account username and password setting that you would have entered when setting up your Windows 8 device.

Click this link to download the SkyDrive Desktop application from Microsoft’s Website.

Click the Download the desktop app button.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (18)

Click Run on the download side bar. Then click yes again to install the application on your Windows 8 device.

Screenshot (26)

Let the SkyDrive installation tool run.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (19)

Click Get Started.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (20)

Click next.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (21)

Choose whether you would like to back up all files and folders or just specific folders inside your SkyDrive folder. Then click next.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (22)

Then click Done to finish the process.

You do not necessarily need to enable fetch files. It is an option that goes out and finds files on your PCs. You can skip it if you are looking to keep your usage of SkyDrive to just backup and transferring files.

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (23)

For now on, any file stored inside the SkyDrive folder will be automatically synced to and other devices. In our example, we’ve dragged all of the files on our PC into the SkyDrive folder for easy, automated backups.

To add your files to the SkyDrive back up area drag them over into the SkyDrive folder. In our example we’re dragging over the folder Important Stuff.

Screenshot (28)

If the things you would like to back up take up more than the 7GB of free online storage that Microsoft offers, you can add more storage at

It’s important to remember that SkyDrive will only automatically back up only the files inside the SkyDrive folder, so be sure to save all of the files you want to back up there. In addition to being available on other Windows 8 PCs that are logged into your Microsoft Account, these files are also available on and on the SkyDrive applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Julia

    10/09/2013 at 6:38 pm

    my computer stopped the “syncing” or uploading the files (total about 1GB) I dragged after 5.2MB. The sync icon is going but the bytes numbers stayed at 5.2MB for a long time. I checked the web-based sky-drive and nothing more has been appearing for a long time. Not sure if a bug but how to fix it? Does windows have a “re-start the syncing” click? It just seems the syncing process can hang when it is the 1st time a lot of files need to be uploaded.

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