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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 4G Now Available for $300



Today is August 31st. And that means that a new BlackBerry device, arguably the best one ever made, has officially landed on T-Mobile. That’s right. The heralded BlackBerry Bold 9900 with 4G HSPA+ capabilities has finally landed after long last and it is now available over on T-Mobile’s website for a whopping $300 on a new two year contract. This is T-Mobile’s first 4G BlackBerry handset.

The $299 price is going to come after a $50 mail-in rebate so if you’re the forgetful type, I suggest looking elsewhere, maybe at Walmart where the phone actually costs $170 on a new contract which is a little easier to swallow than $300 with a mail-in rebate.

In case you’re not up to speed, T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold 9900 features 4G speeds, a high resolution touchscreen, a full physical QWERTY keyboard, the new BlackBerry 7 OS, and a 5MP camera.

Bold 9900

For those of you interested in paying full price, check out T-Mobile’s offer. Otherwise, head here and take advantage of Walmart’s lower price.



  1. Joao

    09/01/2011 at 1:45 am

    O.k. not the first carrier with the 9900 but does it matter a few weeks sooner or later? Many NFC Phones launched/announced in the last days.
    Samsung Wave M + Wave Y, Fujitsy with 3 NFC Phones, BlackBerry 9350/60/70, Nokia
    comes with three new phones 600/700/701. No embedded secure element or SWP in
    the Nokias for secure payments. But… in the press release many words about NFC
    technology. Nokia is absolutely right pointing to the NFC sharing and pairing
    capabilitys. NFC is much more than mobile payments. For the most updated list
    of all available NFC Phones by country and by carrier.

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