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T-Mobile Bringing Back Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling on May 11th



There is some exciting news afoot for T-Mobile customers as it looks like the carrier will be adding a new feature on May 11th that brings back free Wi-Fi calling for devices that are capable of doing so.

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

TMoNews has uncovered an internal note that not only indicates that T-Mobile will allow unlimited Wi-Fi calling which means that customers will be able to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi without  the minutes counting toward in-plan minutes. Currently, using Wi-Fi calling counts against those minutes.

Those who qualify will apparently receive a text message in the near future directing them to to install the feature which will be available to those on a Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plan.

If you don’t see the text message, don’t despair. Just place a call into T-Mobile’s customer care and they will let you know how to get it all set up.

For more information on T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling, you can head here and check out their FAQ.

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