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T-Mobile Brings T-Mobile TV Subscription App To iPhone



T-Mobile TV is now available in the App Store, bringing a streaming TV option to iPhone users willing to pay the subscription fees.

T-Mobile TV gives users access to content from a wide range of TV channels, including live streaming shows, previously aired shows and clips from shows and new programs. To access most of the content users have to pay a subscription which starts at $12.99 a month. T-Mobile also offers three months of service for $33.99 and six months for $49.99.

Users who download the app get 30 days off free content from Associated Press, Fox News, ACC Digital Network, Saturday Morning TV, Campus Insiders and other networks. The free content only includes clips, however. Users who want live streaming TV will have to pay a subscription.

T-Mobile TV for iPhone

A subscription to T-Mobile TV will give users access to live streams of the sports networks ESPN Mobile TV, NBC Sports and CBS Sports. It also include live news broadcasts from ABC News Now, Bloomberg, FOX News and FOX Business.

The service also gives users to content from network TV stations, ABC Family, MTV, Spike, Comedy Central and VH1 among others. It’s not clear if those stations offer live streams, however. It seems more likely that users can stream shows after they air on the TV stations.

In addition to the general subscription T-Mobile TV also has specialized packages users can buy in case they only want access to select content. Those packages include Playground TV for kids (PBS Kids, Nick JR, Sesame Street), Crackle Movies, Life & Style (reality TV and drama) and The Urban Zone (BET, R&B music videos, stand-up comics).

The selection is wider than that of Aereo, and T-Mobile TV is available to more people, but it has it’s own drawback.

Unfortunately for those who might want this to replace a cable subscription, the app doesn’t support AirPlay and the video playback is not that great. The app does work on other carriers, at least the free content does. It might be great for those who really want to stream TV to their phone on the go, but it’s probably not for everyone.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hunter

    05/08/2013 at 5:02 pm

    Thanks for the news, Shawn. That T-Mobile app sounds pretty cool; I’m going to download it when I get home from my shift at DISH tonight. I do wonder how many people might be interested in the app, because I don’t know who might want to pay twice for TV. I have a DISH Hopper DVR, and using my DISH Anywhere app I can stream all of my live TV channels or DVR recordings to my phone. Its free, so I don’t have to pay twice to stream TV.

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