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T-Mobile changing their way to handle data overages



For any of you T-Mobile webConnect users who went over your 5GB monthly allocation (for those on the 5GB monthly plan), you are in luck. T-Mobile is changing how you will be charged for those overages.   Until recently, T-Mobile webConnect users paid a per/megabyte fee for going over that  5GB cap. This can cause some serious pain in your wallet.

But now, T-Mobile will stop charging the extra fee and will instead slow down users’ data connections after they hit the 5GB limit. Yes, you wont get charged, you’ll get get your data throttled down.   User will still be able to email, IM, and web surf without a problem, they just wont be able to stream audio or video.

Subscribers using T-Mobile’s 200MB monthly plan will still pay the data overage fee, but this fee has been reduced by half, so now users will pay $0.10/MB instead of $0.20/MB.

T-Mobile is offering discounts for new contracts or additional data lines on an existing contract.



  1. Oliver

    04/29/2010 at 8:44 am

    While I’d prefer the unlimited data plans of yesteryear, I do think this is a very positive change.

  2. tom

    04/29/2010 at 10:06 am

    i did think there still were unlimited plans even with tmobile that I have had since 2001

    i wonder if this is the best plan for me (verizon is the most expensive i think) OR should I wait for that iphone/4G versus android…………I think android well at least I hope as it might be less expensive than apple over time…..

    All these decisions on my first smartphone. PS I would have bought the htc hd2 at tmobile but i read that windows mobile 6.5 ifreezes and it cannot be upgraded to Win7 mobile when that update comes out

  3. Carrie Staker

    05/01/2010 at 10:07 am

    Verizon’s been fair with me…my AMAZING DROID GIVES ME25MG THETHERED BEFORE ANY extra charges are incured…not bad, days and days of streaming Netflixs.

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