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T-Mobile Ditching Smartphone Contracts Soon



In late 2012, T-Mobile confirmed that it would be carrying the iPhone in 2013. At the same time, the carrier also revealed that it would be abolishing contracts on its network in favor of its unsubsidized Value Plans. The carrier didn’t reveal timing but It now appears that T-Mobile could be ditching smartphone contracts as soon as this month.

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Last December, T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere announced that his company would be carrying Apple’s iconic iPhone at some point in 2013. The carrier did not reveal whether it would be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 5S. In addition to confirming the iPhone, Legere also said that the carrier would be offering the device off-contract and off-contract only as the carrier looked to get rid of contracts for its devices and instead shift to its unsubsidized Value Plans only.

The iPhone coming to T-Mobile will be offered off-contract.

The iPhone coming to T-Mobile will be offered off-contract.

The carrier offered no timing for the change but it appears that it may be on hand as a rumor from TMoNews suggests that the carrier could be extremely close to switching from a mix of on-contract and off-contract plans to only non-subsidized smartphone pricing.

The rumor suggests that the carrier could be planning an announcement for March 4th with the changes taking place later in the month on March 24th. T-Mobile has yet to confirm either of those dates so they are still subject to change.

When this does occur, it means is that T-Mobile customers will no longer have access to contracts and thus, won’t be able to buy a phone with discounted subsidized pricing. It is said that new customers will be able to sign up for these plans while those on contract will have the ability to upgrade to them or ride out a contract, whichever comes first.

T-Mobile will evidently charge between $25 to $30 in monthly equipment fees with $99 or less for down payments.

It also looks like the company will also bring out a new ad campaign to support the new plans, perhaps using the slogan “Dual 4G” which could be aimed at promoting the benefits of having both LTE and HSPA+ 42, HSPA+ 42 being T-Mobile’s fastest network below 4G LTE.

So, while nothing is confirmed yet, we do know that T-Mobile said that it would be offering the HTC One with the nation’s first Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan with no annual contract and the HTC One is rumored for a March 22nd release.

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