T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows Release Confirmed
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T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows Release Confirmed



As rumors suggested earlier this week, there is indeed a T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows coming at some point in the near future.

America’s fourth-largest mobile carrier confirmed there was a T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows Phone on the way today, adding a new coming soon page to its website. The announcement comes just days after rumors of the HTC One M8 not being exclusive to Verizon Wireless first starting making the rounds. HTC and Verizon partnered up for the announcement of the HTC One M8 for Windows. At that announcement HTC let users believe that the device would be exclusive to Verizon.


AT&T has confirmed that it has plans to launch a HTC One M8 for Windows model on its network as well.

For now, we’re left to wonder if there will be any legitimate differences between the HTC One M8 for Windows on Verizon and the T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows. The coming soon page for the T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows T-Mobile USA shared earlier today only includes stock information about the handset, pointing out that the device features two BoomSound speakers, a Duo Camera, an aluminum body and compatibility with the carrier’s 4G LTE network.

The Verizon HTC One M8 for Windows includes a 5-inch high-definition display, 32GB of on-board storage, a microSD card slot for expanding that storage, a front-facing 5 megapixel camera, a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera with flash, Bluetooth 4.0 support and a IR blaster for communicating with televisions and set-top boxes.

That there’s a T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows waiting in the wings is definitely good news for Windows Phone and potential Windows Phone buyers. Market research reports have shown a decline in Windows Phone sales for months. No doubt, the impending launch of the Windows Phone 8.1 update played a part in that. That wasn’t the biggest problem though. Microsoft and its hardware partners hadn’t announced new flagship Windows Phones in a very long time. HTC’s last flagship Windows Phone was actually released in 2012. Nokia had released a few new devices but they were exclusive to Verizon and AT&T in the United States.

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All signs point to the T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows being a series alternative to Apple’s iPhone 6. The original HTC One M8, a device that was released earlier this year and includes Google’s Android operating system, is generally considered to be among the best Windows Phones released this year. The HTC One M8 for Windows is an exact clone of that phone, with the only differences being software related. The HTC One M8 for Windows includes all of the important software feature of its Android-powered brother. The Sense TV remote app works just fine. Blinkfeed, HTC’s social media and news reader client is also included on the HTC One M8 for Windows. HTC created a new camera app for the HTC One M8 for Windows too, though it doesn’t include the Zoe video clip creation tools.

It’s still early in the game, but already some reviewers are pointing to the HTC One M8 for Windows having some advantages over the Android version. Mainly, they point to the HTC One M8 for Windows lasting longer. The consensus is that the phone owes this longer battery life to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system being much more power efficient than Android.

The T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows will run Windows Phone 8.1 when it does make its debut. Detailed earlier this year, Windows Phone 8.1 includes a bucket load of features that are new to Windows Phone. Users can create folders to better organize their live tiles. Cortana, Windows Phone’s new personal assistant, looks up phone numbers, places calls and allows users to set reminders based on contacts, locations and times.

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We don’t yet have pricing on the T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows. Verizon’s version of the smartphone costs $99 with a two-year service agreement. T-Mobile doesn’t have contracts and makes many of their smartphones available to users for low monthly payments and no down-payment.

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