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T-Mobile Moto X Available Today, Sort Of



Soon users on T-Mobile’s network will finally be able to check out many of the exclusive features of the Moto X. Starting today, users can order the device for use on the United State’s fourth largest mobile carrier.

Motorola itself made the announcement today, noting that with arrival of the device on T-Mobile, it’s finally wrapped up the device’s launch in the United States. Unfortunately, users who prefer to deal with their carrier directly are somewhat out of luck.

While the T-Mobile Moto X is available from, users looking to save some money on the device with T-Mobile’s Uncarrier and JUMP programs will need to wait. Only the unlocked black version of the device is available through Motorola’s online retail outlet right now. Motorola does note that it’ll be launching the device in white soon. Directly from Motorola, the Moto X will cost users $599.

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There hasn’t been any word from T-Mobile on when users can expect the Moto X to be available in its online store or retail locations.

A customized Moto X on AT&T.

A customized Moto X on AT&T.

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Motorola also took the opportunity to share one of the company’s first advertisements for the device. Entitled “Lazy Phone”, the ad depicts a couple in for a romantic evening. When one gentlemen begins rubbing his wife’s back, a second gentleman – who is acting as a stand-in for a smartphone the first gentlemen would need to touch – lays in bed beside the two, heckling the couple during the entire situation. After a few moments of malfunctioning, the gentleman representing the smartphone then begins singing a song completely out of context. The ad then closes with a title card reading “It’s not you. It’s your lazy phone.”

Instead of battling with other smartphone vendors for the fastest processors and biggest screens, Motorola has been adamant about the Moto X being designed with user’s lifestyles in mind. With features like its Active Display notifications, and the ability to control many of the phone’s functions by voice without having to press any buttons at all, the Moto X is remarkably different from the devices made Motorola before it was purchased by Google.

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Unfortunately, users on T-Mobile still aren’t able to customize the design of the Moto X. For now, the Motorla Maker utility that lets users choose custom color options and device wallpaper is still only available to AT&T users.

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1 Comment

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