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T-Mobile Offering New Beefed Up Data Plans on January 25th



T-Mobile appears poised to launch two new promotional data plans on January 25th, thing is, don’t expect T-Mobile employees to tell you about them. According to a document procured by TMoNews, the data plans, which are called Unlimited-Premium 5GB and 10GB data plans, will go into effect next week but employees are instructed not to mention them to customers for whatever reason.

It’s a bit odd considering T-Mobile has a uphill climb ahead of it in 2012 with all three of its major competitors launching 4G LTE networks. T-Mobile has yet to announce any definitive plans for LTE.

These plans will add on T-Mobile’s Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and its MobileLife Album Plus services for free which brings an additional value of $19.98 to the table. Yeah, we think customers will like that.

The plans will be available to both new and existing T-Mobile customers that are on legacy plans. That means that if you’ve been coveting one of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 devices, now might just be the time to buy.


You’ll also be happy to know that the carrier recently expanded its high-speed HSPA+ network to 12 new markets in the United States. It also expanded its HSPA+ 21 network in nine of its current markets.

That expansion brought the carrier’s HSPA+ 42 network to a grand total of 175 markets while its HSPA+ 21 network currently is live in 217.

So, back to the plans.

If you want to take advantage of these, you’ll have to make it a point with your T-Mobile rep. Or you could just feign leaving the carrier and it’s our guess that you’ll hear all about them.

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