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T-Mobile Roadmap Shows HTC Windows Phone 8X Release as November 14



A T-Mobile leaked in a TmoNews report gives the Windows Phone 8X by HTC a November 14 release and provides dates for a variety of Android devices and a single Windows 8 laptop.

According to the leaked roadmap, T-Mobile will release the Windows Phone 8X more than two weeks after Microsoft will finally launch Windows Phone 8 on October 29. The latest rumors say Windows Phone will come to market in early November, which this date barely falls in.

If true, November 14 could be the day that other Windows Phone 8 devices release as well.

Between then and now T-Mobile will also add a new color for the Samsung Galaxy S II and release a few other smartphones.

Leaked T-Mobile roadmap

Among those new smartphones is the LG Optimus L9 which will release on October 31. T-Mobile previously announced the 4.5-inch phone will launch on its network, but never gave a price or release date. T-Mobile will release the unannounced Huawei Summit on the same day, though we know even less about that device.

The T-Mobile roadmap also includes two mysterious new devices we haven’t of before. The first is the Samsung Toba which will release on November 7 and is likely a new tablet. The second is a Windows 8 laptop from Dell called the Dell DMW which will release on November 14, the same day as the Windows Phone 8X.

The first device on the roadmap is the BlackBerry Armstrong, which is likely a Bold variant that will come to market on October 24.

Missing from the roadmap are the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Nokia Lumia 810. T-Mobile already announced both devices, but didn’t see fit to include them in this roadmap for whatever reason.

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