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T-Mobile Rumored to Offer All Handsets for Free on 2/11 After Rebate



T-Mobile USA may be running a special Valentine’s Day promotion, if TmoNews has accurate information, where all phones and smartphones would be available for free to new and existing customers after rebate. The nation’s fourth largest carrier has yet to confirm information about the sale, but TmoNews claims that the ‘All Hands Sale’ will be requiring all employees to work the floor at retail outlets.

The blog mentions that customers on both T-Mobile’s Classic and T-Mobile’s Value plans are eligible for the promotion.

The only stipulation right now that is known is that customers who want a free Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Amaze 4G as part of the promotion, which will last only for a single day on February 11, will have to sign up for the 5 GB data plan. On T-Mobile USA, the 5 GB will buy you 5 GB of true 4G or 3G speeds, and although you won’t be charged any overages if you exceed the data usage, you will be throttled if you go over 5 GB in a month.

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