T-Mobile Takes A Jab at AT&T In New Ad

T-Mobile’s latest ad highlighting the iPhone 5 takes a few shots at AT&T and the large number of users on the AT&T network.

The ad shows two pipes, one marked T-Mobile that carries magenta liquid and one unmarked pipe that carries blue liquid in an obvious attack on AT&T. T-Mobile attacks the company that once tried to buy it by saying that it’s network is slower because it has so many people on it.

The blue liquid from the AT&T pipe comes out in a steady drip, showing how bogged down the network is. T-Mobile’s pipe, however, sprays a continuous blast of magenta liquid across the white room to show how fast the network is. The voice-over says that T-Mobile has over 50 percent more bandwidth per customer than other networks.

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T-Mobile’s argument comes down to: AT&T’s network is slow and overcrowded, but nobody uses our network, you should use our network because it’s faster.

Historically AT&T’s network is slower than some of its competitors because of the number of users on the network. Before AT&T’s 4G LTE network rollout 3G and “4G” HSPA+ were essentially useless is cities like New York and San Francisco. AT&T’s 4G LTE network helped improve that, but as more people get 4G LTE phones the network slows down.


In places where a lot of users switched to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, T-Mobile’s network is potentially just as fast, especially in one of the few cities that have T-Mobile 4G LTE. Fewer users means there’s more bandwidth for the users that are on the network.

T-Mobile recently added a number of subscribers when it merged with MetroPCS last week, but those users will continue using MetroPCS’ network. The merger shouldn’t affect T-Mobile’s network speed at the moment, but should make its 4G LTE network faster and more robust when it incorporates T-Mobile and MetroPCS spectrum sometime next year.