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T-Mobile to Announce Truly Unlimited 4G Data Plans?



As T-Mobile is rolling out a faster 4G HSPA+ network and will be introducing more data devices–including tablets and mobile hotspot routers, the carrier may be examining plans to offer truly unlimited mobile broadband data plans. Currently, T-Mobile’s data plans, at least on smartphones, are limited to 5 GB of data per month, after which users who exceed their monthly quota would be throttled down to slower EDGE 2G data speeds rather than be charged overages. With mobile broadband on data-only devices, like tablets and mobile hotspot apps, data is metered and capped; users exceeding their metered plans would be charged an overage.

U.S. carriers have been getting a lot of heat in the press over their use of metered data plans, complicated pricing, fine print, and other terms of use. A truly unlimited data plan would be a refreshing change in today’s mobile broadband data climate.

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  1. MechTeq

    02/27/2011 at 5:14 pm

    I’m gonna enjoy that truly unlimited data plan… how can a reputable company put the words “unlimited data” on a plan which restricts data… I know it drops to the Edge 2G speeds, which is painfully slow, that are sufficient for craigslist surfing and feed updates, but not for the full features of the phone. I have the Samsung Vibrant 4G that just came out on the 23rd and my “unlimited plan” is up only 4 days later… I stream Netflix to my iPad (AT&T 3G is zzzzz…), I connect my XBox 360 to it for netflix and gaming, and since in my area, my phone provides faster internet than my land line (Time Warner Cable=terrible), I activate the AP and use it as a router for my laptop… so much for that. Another 26 days to go in my plan and I’m stuck using TWC when I’m at home… I want my 30 bucks back! Cant wait for TRULY UNLIMITED DATA* so that I can unleash this beast. Until then, no more video chat (What is this forward facing camera good for on EDGE?) and no more apps if I’m not on wifi, sorry developers… I tried… Bad news is, my wifes line is restricted now too! Maybe retentions will swap me out for no extra cost…


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