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T-Mobile to Introduce Unlimited Any Mobile Plan April 4



According to a leaked document, T-Mobile USA may introduce a plan add-on that will allow its customers in the U.S. to call any domestic mobile number and not have those calls count against their monthly minute allotments. The document was obtained by T-Mobile news-centric blog TmoNews and indicates that the plan will cost an extra $10 surcharge on a customer’s monthly bill, but will not require a customer to sign a contract extension or renewal. The plan is expected to be offered beginning April 4th to new and existing customers.

According to the promotional material that T-Mobile is providing to its retail store employees, the benefit of the Unlimited Any Mobile plan would be that the plan gives subscribers almost the same benefits of the regular unlimited plan, which would give customers unlimited minutes to landlines and mobile numbers. However, the traditional unlimited plan is more costly and does require a contract extension, which may deter some customers from switching to that costly plan. This plan allows subscribers to keep their plans and not have to renew their contracts. As T-Mobile estimates that 80 percent of customers’ calls are to a mobile number anyways, this plan delivers many of the value of the unlimited plan for most customers while being a bit cheaper.

As the plan doesn’t require a contract extension or have customers sign a contract, customers can sign up for the plan and remove it at any time without any penalties or early termination charges.

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1 Comment

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