T-Mobile to Offer More Support to iPhone Owners Starting January 30th
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T-Mobile to Offer More Support to iPhone Owners Starting January 30th



T-Mobile is currently the only carrier of the big four here in the United States that doesn’t officially carry the iPhone. Unofficially, T-Mobile is home to more than a million iPhone owners who use the carrier’s EDGE network as their home. And starting on January 30th, T-Mobile is going to offer additional support to its customers that tote Apple’s iPhone.

Now, it’s not going to be HSPA+ 42 support or anything like that, but the Magenta carrier is going to implement a few things that should help make the iPhone experience on its network a bit smoother.

T-Mobile will now be able to offer support that includes “common procedures, information about features and specifications, and other basic device questions.” It will also be updating the iPhone’s support page so it falls in line with the carriers other devices which should give it a more official feel.

T-Mobile iPhone

Again, not mind-blowing support by any stretch of the imagination but it’s pretty neat to see a carrier helping out owners of a phone that the carrier doesn’t even sell in its stores.

So, if you own an iPhone and you use it on T-Mobile’s network you should, in theory, be able to call T-Mobile’s customer support or even bring it into a store to have your questions answered.

However, you probably shouldn’t expect any T-Mobile reps to recommend using an unlocked iPhone on their network. That won’t happen until T-Mobile is able to sell the iPhone and at this point, it’s uncertain if that will ever happen.

You never know though.

Via: TMoNews

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