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T-Mobile will Give All Tablet Users 200MB of Free Each Month



Apple’s iPad Air isn’t the only tablet that T-Mobile will provide with free data. The nation’s fourth largest carrier has announced that all tablets on its network will get 200MB of free data at absolutely no charge.

According to a press release on the subject, T-Mobile will allow any tablet equipped with 4G LTE to use the 200MB of data its gifting tablet users. While that amount of data won’t help users who are into streaming episodes of their favorite television shows or podcasts on their iPad, it’s certainly more than enough for users who don’t journey off their Wi-Fi network that often. T-Mobile notes that amount of data is equal to 800 Instagram photos, more than 2,500 emails or streaming 200 minutes of music for free.

T-Mobile’s using the occasion to showcase new data plans for tablets too. The carrier’s plans now start at $10 a month for unlimited data but only 500MB of LTE connectivity. Users can max out their LTE tablet at $30 for unlimited data and 4.5 GB of LTE connectivity. While all the carrier’s data plans provided unlimited data, it is LTE connectivity that allows for speeds more akin to a Wi-Fi connection. The company is also adding new flexible plans that allow users to get 500MB of LTE data a day for $5 and a week of 1GB 4G LTE data a week.

Nexus 7 review (2013) -  002

Tablets equipped with LTE like the Nexus 7 2014 will also get 200MB of free data like the iPad Air.

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The network is also killing contracts for tablets and replacing them with the same payment structure it uses for smartphones. Users can choose to pay for their device up front or distribute the cost of their T-Mobile LTE equipped tablet over a two-years. They can also pay off their tablet at any time.

T-Mobile didn’t announce any plans to let users upgrade tablets twice a year like they can with smartphones in the Jump program it unveiled earlier this year, however the company is expanding its tablet trade-in program to cover “qualifying” tablets. Users can trade-in their tablet even if it is Wi-Fi only.

T-Mobile says it will launch a LTE equipped version of the Google Nexus 7 for $0 down and 24 payments of $16 beginning November 20th. It already offers the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $99.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $15.

Users looking to take advantage of T-Mobile’s free data offer will need a tablet that is capable of connecting to a LTE network. They’ll also need a T-Mobile compatible SIM card. Users can purchase those on T-Mobile’s website or in store for $10.

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